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Temporary Fence

Temporary Fence Panels

CHAOXIN offers varieties of products that are well loved, most enthusiastic and best value, from outdoor Pet Enclosures, Dog Kennel and Temporary Fence products.

If you have any enquiry about quotation or cooperation, please feel free to email us at. Thank you for your interest in our products.


Made with quality materials and leading construction techniques our fencing is engineered to deliver the best value for your solution at a great price. Also known as portable fence, security fence, or construction fence; Our temporary fencing is quick to set up and easy to move and is ideal for restricting access or containing a site and is commonly seen at construction sites, public events, as a dog run, or anywhere crowd control is important.

Our standard panels are available in 6’H x 9.5’L panels with either powder coated or thermoplastic (PVC) finished, but we can customize quickly for any size, colour or finish to perfectly suit your needs at the best available price.

Other Panel Specifications

- 6’H x 9.5’L – Powder (3”x 6”Mesh) or PVC (2”x 4”Mesh) Finishes
- 8’H x 9.5’L – PVC Finish
- 6’H x 4.75’L – PVC Finish
- 4’H x 9.5’L – PVC Finish

Color Options:
Yellow, Black, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Silver, & More 

Gate Wheel System:

Attach our gate wheel system to a fence panel to turn it into a swing gate and allow easy access to your site for larger vehicles or groups.

Built with quality materials and equipped with heavy duty solid rubber tires our gate wheel system opens smoothly over even the roughest terrain. Indoor wheel assemblies are also available for use on concrete floors to partition off part of an indoor space or warehouse.