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Temporary Fence

Steel Crowd Control Barriers

CHAOXIN offers varieties of products that are well loved, most enthusiastic and best value, from outdoor Pet Enclosures, Dog Kennel and Temporary Fence products.

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Steel Crowd Control Barriers offer a cost effective method of controlling large groups of pedestrians and spectators. Available as standard in three colours, plain zinc, red, and white, we also have the option to powder coat the barriers in a custom colour. There are many accessories for these barriers available, including still ages that assist with the transport of the barriers.

Stronger than the rest

Our barriers are made from a one piece outer tube with fewer welds and thicker gauge steel than most barriers. These two factors combined makes these crowd barriers stronger than most on our competitor's products.

Key Applications:

Events - Use this fixed leg barrier to ensure that people do not stray into off limits areas.

Demonstrations - Create pens and ensure the flow of people continues in the agreed direction in a controlled manner.

Festivals - Create funnels and checkpoints to check for tickets and contraband.

Marathons - Ensure that the route is kept clear for competitors and participants.

Construction - Create a safety perimeter around vehicle operations or open excavations.