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Concertina razor wire is intended to erect highly effective physical barriers and is used either as temporary (mobile) barrier or a fixed one installed onto the ground or to the fence.

Concertina razor wire produced by Qiankun Temporary Fence Panels Factory is a durable and effective barrier for perimeter protection of various units.

Anping Qiankun Temporary Fence Panels Factory is the leading producer of concertina razor wire in China and manufactures it according to the standards of China by which Concertina product is certified and recommended for usage.

All materials used in the process of the concertina razor wire production (core wire (2.5 mm in diameter) and barbed tape) are made of hot dipped galvanized steel that is why razor wire is fully corrosion resistant.

Basic technical specifications of the barrier:
Coil lenght
Coil weight
Thickeness of tape
Thickness of core wire
Lenght of barb
Barb dist. cen. to cen
Zink coating
900 mm
20 meters
20 kg
2,4 - 2,5
125 gr/m2
600 mm
10 meters
5.92 kg
2,4 - 2,5
125 gr/m2
450 mm
10 meters
5.34 kg
2,4 - 2,5
125 gr/m2
* Any coil length or number of loops per coil are available by customer's individual request!
Concertina razor wire is a spiral, coiled up from the reinforced barbed tape. The adjoining loops of the spiral are connected in the particular way with each other which makes concertina wire spatial and almost insuperable.

For the loop connection we use hot dipped galvanized clips or annealed galvanized wire. Either way is available by the customer’s request.

The most important feature of concertina razor wire is the ability to retain its structure after being cut in one or a few places.

Concertina razor wire is one of the most highly rated anti-intrusion security barriers among the analogous products manufactured from the reinforced barbed tape; its universal qualities ensure the wide field of application both in residential and inhabited areas.

  • chemical enterprises;
  • Oil and Gas Extracting enterprises;
  • petroleum storage depots;
  • agrarian and farming enterprises;
  • storehouses;
  • motor-transport depots;
  • Department of Defense units and Correctional Institutions;
  • nuclear power stations;
  • nuclear and chemical waste burial places;
  • reservoirs;
  • mining operations territories;
  • gardening and garage companies;
  • farmlands;
  • private sectors, etc
  • gardening and garage companies;


Installation method for the unit is adjusted to the customer’s requests and depends on:

  • unit location (residential or uninhabited area);
  • whether the fence is available or not;
  • the type of the fence or the roof;
  • Climate.


Concertina razor wire is successfully used for the area securing of the foreign embassies, airports, military units, major enterprises. Concertina razor wire is sensitive to the quality requirements made by our Customers.

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